Intermittent distortion/crackling problem following update


I only seem to come here when I’m having issues, hopefully I’ll be a bit more active when I’ve got the teething problems ironed out. :sunglasses:

Following the update to 6.0.3 I’ve discovered that I’m having intermittent distortion/crackling going on. Cubase will play & record fine for a few minutes (sometimes 2mins, sometimes 30mins or more), then the sound will become very distorted & crackle. This effects all sounds including the metronome & if it happens while tracking the distortion is recorded. If I close the project & reopen it it clears the problem for a few minutes. Both levels on the VST performance window are quite low before & during the issue.

Activating Steinberg Audio Power does seem to alleviate the issue, but it also spins the CPU fan up to full speed & (even with a 12cm fan on there) it’s a little loud. So I’m open to suggestions for other things to try & fix my issue.

My set up is:

Windows 7 64bit
Cubase Artist 6 64bit
Intel i7-2600 3.40GHz
Presonus Firestudio Mobile interface.

Any thoughts on this one? :confused:

Roll back to .2 and wait untill the (i’m supposing here) hotfix is released.

Have a read through this one…