Intermittent drum output from HALionOne

Hi all,

Newbie here. My problem is that I only can hear drum sounds intermittently when played live. The MIDI signal is fine, it records the MIDI notes fine, it plays back the proper sounds fine - it’s only when playing live on the drum machine that the audio comes in bits & pieces, even while it’s recording the right notes.
I’m running LE5 with a SR-16 and an IO4 interface. Seems to me like a problem with the HALion instrument, since it’s reading my inputs & recording the notes fine. It’s tough recording it when I can’t hear what I’m playing. If I strike a pad 10 times, I may hear 2 or 3 notes, at different volumes, even though the SR-16 has a fixed velocity maxed out and the recorded velocity is high too.

Highly unlikely. Seems more of an audio interface setting issue (causing dropouts).

Are you using the ASIO4All driver?

What are your buffer settings set at?

That recorded velocity is the same data being sent to HalionOne.

My buffer setting is at 512. I am using ASIO4ALL. The MIDI message is being received by the program every time, according to the MIDI in indicator. But when the audio is not being heard, there is also no level shown on the instrument track display. So I got a consistent MIDI in, consistent record, and inconsistent audio level shown on the instrument track only while playing MIDI live. The audio is fine once I’ve recorded the MIDI. I can put on a programmed rhythm, record the whole thing fine, but during recording I only hear a beat here and there.

Been like this forever. Some kit has a setting that will cure it, some don’t.

tj: Can’t you just record everything right in the Alesis SR-16 first – then
send the finished drums via Midi to Cubase Le5 to an Instrument or midi track set to record mode? :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: tj: — I use a few dedicated Drum Programs – Toontrack Superior drummer 2.0 is one.
I just connect a midi cord from the out of MY DRUM MACHINES – or my keyboard,
to the midi in of my interface–I SELECT AN INSTRUMENT TRACK in cubase –
choose Superior drummer 2.0 . I then put the INSTRUMENT TRACK into record mode.
When I HIT A PAD on a Drum machine its Superior Drummer 2.0 that i’m hearing.
Your problem maybe using Hallion. Try a dedicated Drum program or use my first
idea :wink:

Thanks for the help, I had a suspicion it was a software glitch. I do record on the alesis and have a bunch of stuff on there already, but I just got the Cubase program and the first thing I tried to do was mess with the drums, and it was wonky, so I’m just feeling like “here we go again with the computer crap.” I used to study comp sci and programming, and ended up switching careers cause I was so fed up with other people’s software glitches…

thanks again for the help, I’ll check out some of the better drum VST’s.

tj: Read all the Cubase Manuals you can and “IMO” Hallion is more for
keyboard and synth sounds. But a person still has to operate a dedicated Drum Program
Say with SUPERIOR DRUMMER 2.0 inside of it also. Cubase has the “Groove Agent 1” drum program
It’s pretty cool. :sunglasses: :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: