intermittent glitches....still

At what point do the programmers of this audio software, in which I have invested well over a thousand dollars in over the years and on which my business somewhat depends, learn to make it so that real time mix renders containing digital glitches are no longer possible?

I don’t know about you guys, but by the time I’ve arrived at a mix I want my clients to hear, I actually don’t want to listen to the entire thing post rendering just to make sure there are no digital glitches. If it doesn’t happen during playback, it shouldn’t appear in the rendered version.

Of course, if you actually manage to get someone from Steinberg personally involved, they will immediately assume the problem is either an issue with your computer or user error.

The thing is, the problem has persisted over numerous computer builds and versions of Cubase. Maybe there just aren’t enough people using external effects necessitating real time rendering so that enough people become angry and Steinberg has to deal with it?