Intermittent high pitchd noice

A setup with android9 + cubasis3 + steinberg ur22mk2 seems to have an issue with the usb driver.

As I start I get this:

I ignore this as there is not much to do about it (my ur22 is not a computer).

I run the demo track and at first all is well.
But with some interval there appears a very high pitch ringing sound overshading the music.
I went on and recorded a track. I worked fine but as I play it the same distortion appears.

I tried using an alternate software that ships with an custom usb audio driver on the same hardware (android9 + steinberg ur22mk2) and there is no distortion.

I would really prefer to use the excellent cubasis on my android though.
Is there any kind of solution for me (custom usb drive, setting or something)?


P.S. Running my ur22mkII with cubase AI on a windows PC works great.