Intermittent mouse (not) clicks

Hello All,
I’m experiencing something strange in Cubase 6. My mouse is requiring me to click a second time (not double click) about 30-40% of the time. For instance, I’ll click on a track arm button and it won’t light. Click it again and it lights up. Sometimes it will take a 3rd click. Sometimes it works the first time. I have Cubase 5.5.2 on this machine and it doesn’t happen there. It also does not happen in any other program or in the OS. I’m using a Kensingtion Slim Blade Track Ball. Anyone???

Hello Again,
I discovered my problem. Cubase 6 does not like the Kensington TrackballWorks Software that goes with the Slim Blade. When I removed the TrackballWorks application, the responsiveness of mouse clicks, even while still using the Slim Blade went back to normal. Worth noting!!