Intermittent reading on the Stereo out meter in the mixer!

Weird this! Since Updating to 7.0.2 I have been getting an intermittent reading on the mixer stereo out meter and some other channels. If I pull up the channel setting window it is fine there. I close the mixer and recall it and it seems ok until it happens again.
It usually happens when I first call up the stereo out channel to the mixer.
Anyone else seeing this?

Sometimes when I have soloed a part scrolling the mixer across can cause the meter to stop working, then another scroll can get it to come back.

It is a bit annoying as this was not there in 7.0.1.

This sounds like a similar problem I’ve noticed and reported in the issues subforum.
Please add your problem with a reproduction if possible to that thread.
The more people post in that thread about this problem the more likely Steinberg will confirm it an issue.