Intermittent recording Cubase AI5

Hi there,

I have just set-up Cubase AI 5 with CI 2 and whilst recording there are spikes/increases in volume that drop in whilst I am playing and then drop out. If I increase the volume of my playing/singing this seems to keep the sound level at the ‘spiked’ high but then it can just abruptly fall back to previous volume level at indeterminate times. These are the moments where the signal is actually recorded; when the sound drops out then there is silence on the track when I playback? Is this a latency issue? I am using an Acer Aspire laptop with Intel Core 2 duo processor (2.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) with 4 GB memory.

Any help would be most appreciated :slight_smile:


If there is anybody out there please help! Here’s some more info which may hopefully shed some more light:

Playing directly in with a guitar does not result in any delays/drop-outs whilst playing and playing/recording if in the distorted guitar/vocals template. If I am belting out a vocal there are no drop-outs but there are delays or clippings of the vocals at the start of a vocal line.

There is just a problem through the microphone which is in the Mono In 2 for vocals and acoustic guitar.

I have changed my microphone and it still the same. Do I need to change the cable?

Any advice would be gratefully received! :slight_smile:

Check the channel inserts and look for a gate on the dynamic plugin?

Hi Split- thanks for the tip but I’ve somehow managed to solve the problem! Cheers dooode :slight_smile: