Intermittent sound drop out in C8

I can see that there have been some issues with sound dropping out with the UR 22. However, I have been having this with an RME Fireface UC. It never happened with my old computer and started happening a month or so ago. I can go a few days without it happening. I get the same glitch if I move to a usb stick window from C8. Iam wondering if this has anything to do with the window management in C8?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

I think I might have found the problem. Fingers crossed!

It seems that when you activate the read button on the stereo out for a fade it automatically turns on the read button on every vst insert. I had the Presswork limiter in one of the inserts.

I don’t remember this happening on previous versions of Cubase. It is rather irritating to have to turn the Read button off on every effect inserted each time you turn on the stereo out read.

I wonder if you accidentally replied to the wrong thread silhouette?

Actually when I de-activated the Read Button on the Presswork Limiter the drop-outs went away. It was activated when I turned on the Stereo Out Read button. Surely that is not supposed to happen?