intermittent sound

I´m spanish and my english it´s not correctly but I try explain
I buy a ur22mk2 and when install drivers Yamaha all the sounds (you tuve,cubase) are in intermittent sound every 5 seconds
when is run with the drivers generic of Microsoft is working a Little bad but don´t have intermittent sound
my laptop is lenovo 64 bits
I try many things but any solution
somebody help me please!!!

Welcome to the forum. There are many threads here where you can find information to help you get running smoothly. Two of the most important are making sure you have tha latest Yamaha MIDI driver installed:

and DISABLING the Wifi port on your laptop while using the Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO driver.

Then read the posts below and you’ll find much of the discussion is about this very issue.

Good luck!

thank you for the help
but I have installed the last driver it´s not running well
i have core 3 with 4 gb of ram, windows 10
processor: intel®core™ ¡3-6006U CPU @ 2 GHz
model of system 80tl
I not understand why it´s not running
I dissabled wify port and it´s working with the same problem