Internal mic - unable to use

New to Cubase AI6.

I’ve managed to get my guitar track into Cubase. Absolutely baffled on how to record any vocals.

I am trying to use my internal mic on my iMac - no idea how to get this to work. Also have a usb mic - same applies. I saw a topic that described aggregating the two mics - tried that - no help.

I can see nothing in any of the settings that deals with this, I would have thought, basic requirement.

I am trying to record a guitar track and vocal together. Simple in something like Garageband or Audacity, but proving to be extremely difficult in Cubase.

Cubase is clearly a more advanced piece of software but setting it up to record is proving a bit of a minefield. Un-usable at the moment.

Any advice much appreciated.



Not been working at all - the vocals. Set the vocal track to mono - now seems to be working. Obviously dim user errors :smiley:

One thing I did change was the track monitor. I think I was leaving it on when trying to listen to the recording - needs to be of!

Sorry for my dim ramblings.




Still not working as it should?

I thought I was recording from the built in mic and the yamaha amp on 2 tracks - guitar and vocal. I don’t think this is the case. I suspect Cubase is actually just recording from what the iMac mic is picking up.

I quite lost here - it’s sounds OK but I’m sure it’s not setup correctly.
Both these tracks are playing the same thing - vocals and guitar - that convinces me that Cubase is recording from the iMac mic for both tracks. One track should be from the guitar played through the Yamaha and connected via usb to the Mac.

I remain baffled.