internal name of noteheads

Hi all,

I’m working on a script to change noteheads in bulk at the moment, and I’d like to change to ‘Oversized Slash Noteheads’.
The line app:doCommand([[Edit.SetNoteheadSetOverride?NoteheadSetEntityID=noteheadset.slashNoteheads]]) works, but I’ve tried both oversizedSlashNoteheads and largeSlashNoteheads in place of slashNoteheads to no avail.

Does anyone know what the internal name for ‘Oversized Slash Noteheads’ is?

Also, for the future, where might I be able to look similar things up myself?

Thanks in advance!

Use this one: slashNoteheadsOversized

Wonderful, thank you!
Where did you find the info?

By recording a macro.
There is, as far as I know, not yet a manual for the scripting in Dorico.

Right, of course! I should have thought of that.