Internal Program Error, Error Code 4 on export on Mac

Hello. Workign on a project tonight and when I do a multiple track export I get a popup that says Internal Program Error, Error Code 4. Running a 2020 Mac Mini M1 with Big Sur, Cubase 10.5 Pro, Audient EVO16 interface. This hasn’t happened in the couple years I’ve been running this setup (EVO was introduced shortly after they were released, but been fine thus far). Only difference is I updated Steinberg Download Assistant last night to d/l Cubase 10 Pro to open old projects I did on that version that wouldnt open on 10.5 Pro for some reason (since figured that part out). First time the Error Code 4 window popped up it referenced Steinberg Upload Assistant, so I figure that’s likely the culprit. Everything exports fine, I just get that error. Anyone experienced that and maybe have a solution to get rid of it?


I’m sorry, Cubase 10.5 was not compatible with macOS 14 neither Apple Silicon processors.