Internal Routing Not Possible Here?

Cubase 6 owner… Fireface 800 interface.
I’ve recorded sounds onto a track … I’ve hit them with all kinds of plugs … I want to record this track onto a fresh track so as to cement it. Due to the nature of the plugins chosen, I don’t want to freeze the track. In VST Connections, I normally would create a new set of stereo input and choose something like “Cubase Mixer” or “Cubase Internal” or whatever it’s called. But it’s not there and I have no way of achieving what I’m trying to do, outside of routing the signal out of the FF800, and back in, which would be frivolous. What am I doing wrong?

Check exporting. You can export so that it comes back onto a track. You can also create “dummy” vst connections to route to another track.

Of course it´s not there -it doesn´t exist anywhere You can use almost any bus, there is no fixed “Cubase mixer bus”.
Recording from busses is explained in the manual - read it…
And If you don´t manag to sdo it within Cubase, you still have a c hance to do it with your RME totalmix´loopback feature - also explained in the manual (The Fireface´s one)

“Group tracks” are the key. Routing via.
Bit more involved than Reaper. Maybe.

Any summing bus will do, not only group tracks…

I personally think the VST bussing method is the best. I have a connection set that includes both mono and stereo VST busses that are not connected to an audio card. It makes dumping tracks and combinations of tracks painless.