Internal stock rec tool for masterbus


Sometimes magic happens… Even when you dont expect it…

I was thinking of a “master rec” button (or stock “rec” vst which one can place on the last insert on the master bus)

What does it do? It records everything going through the masterbus (also if mediabay is playing- it records that too)

So the whole night of jamming, experimenting, having fun, whatever, gets recorded internally - by cubase…

Think of it as a tape machine recording nonstop… After a good night, you can “cut the tape” and keep the good snippets…

Since it is recorded internally, it “syncs” to the timeline with sample accuracy… ( so when u import the file to cubase again for the next step, it lines up perfectly in the timeline)


In the meantime you can use Melda’s MRecorder (that is free), on a plugin slot in the control room.
+1 if they also would add a mme output for us Windows users that do video captures it would be +2