Internal string warning

I have a Dorico file that won’t open, even after the 5.0.10 update. I get the following error

internal string warning some field missing in file: barNumberNotationOptions, barNumberNotationOptions

I can see the music, but the spinning ball of death starts up before I can do anything.

Are you able to share this project here, so someone can take a look at the specifics?

Are you sure you’re opening it in Dorico 5, and not Dorico 4?

If you open a v5 file in Dorico 4, it will give similar error messages.

Indeed, it sounds like maybe you have inadvertently started up both Dorico 5 and Dorico 4 at the same time, which is a recipe for disaster: they will compete with each other for the use of your audio devices, and the result will be the software hanging up. As Ben rightly says, you’ll see this warning when you open a Dorico 5 project in Dorico 4, but it’s harmless.

Ecce Novum.dorico (3.5 MB)

Here’s the file. It won’t open in Dorico 3.5, 4 or 5. Do you think it might be corrupted?

For me, apart from the message “This project was created in a later version of Dorico. Some items and notations may not appear. If you resave this project in this version, any item or notation not supported by this version will be removed from the project.”, the file opened OK in Dorico 3.5, 4 and 5. The one worry I encountered was that, a few seconds after the document opened, the OS presented me with a Dorico not responding message. This cleared once two small windows had opened up. They were titled “Load Program to selected Slot” and “02 HALion Sonic”. I closed those two windows and used Save As… . Saving from Dorico 3.5 was unsuccessful until I closed those two small windows in a different order (when I opened the file in Dorico 3.5 the next time).
I would recommend that, as a regular practice, Dorico files should be saved without any windows open except for the main project window. This will save some time and anxiety when opening the file and will possibly also help prevent potential corruption.

I have attached the file as saved from Dorico 3.5, 4 and 5. In case these still do not open for you, I have exported to XML (you will need to unzip it first) and, if still unsuccessful (requiring you to re-enter everything manually), I have also attached a PDF printed from within Dorico 5.

Ecce Novum (D3.5).dorico (2.0 MB)
Ecce Novum (D4).dorico (2.1 MB)
Ecce Novum (D5).dorico (2.5 MB)
Ecce Novum (D5) - Full score - 01 Ecce (29.3 KB)
Ecce Novum (D5) - 2023-06-02 - Full score.pdf (281.7 KB)

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I can’t thank you enough. New versions of the files work great. I’ll keep the window advice in mind. Thanks again.