International Paper Size DIN A4

Hello, we do have a thread here about Dorico users, where the Default Paper Size switches to A4 even if they are living in the US.
Mmh, I have the opposite problem: Living in Europe, we use the DIN Standard, so I switch the Default paper size type from Automatic to International, assuming it must be DIN A4:

As application Language I have selected English.
Strange though, in Print Mode „US Letter“ is showing up under Page Setup:

So I manually change Paper Size to A4 here, before doing further tasks. Most of the time I save as PDF. Still even here I switch to A4 first, to be on the safe side… My HP LaserJet printer is btw configured to have A4 as Standard.

Same problem here. Using identical settings except for using German as application language…

I have it set on automatic and have no problem
Switzerland A4

I had to quit and restart Dorico in order to make the change to Din A4 work.

ReRei, if you say you changed to Din A4: did you set the Paper size type to „International“ or „Automatic“?

I’ve set it to automatic.
It now works here.

ok, I set it to Automatic now.
May be „International“ in these circumstances actually means „the opposite of what you want“ or „the opposite of your regions standards“?

Sorry I have to mention that I have set the app language to German.

Restart and / or switching to “automatic” doesn’t solve the problem here:
In layout options there ist A4 selected, but in print-mode I still have to select A4 manually for all layouts before exporting / printing.

Same here, in Layout Options A4 is automatically chosen, but in Print Mode it defaults to „US-Letter“
On a Mac here I have the option to use the System Print dialogue. There the printer shows correctly - as always - DIN A4 as default.
So I guess there is a glitch in Dorico’s own Print Setup …