Interpolate Audio Waveforms Not working on Events

This is the description from Cubase 11 Online Manual.
This doesn’t work - Only works on Sample Editor not on the event.

Event Display - Audio

Interpolate Audio Waveforms
Interpolates sample values to form curves when you zoom in to one sample per pixel or less.


Yes, correct. The view, where you can see the dotes to be able to edit them, is available in the Sample Editor only, not in the Project Window (what is my guess, where you would expect it to see, right?). Therefore this preferences affects the Sample Editor view only.

So why is it under EVENT Display? I worked on ProTools for a few years, and I always loved the way the waveforms look on PT. Almost software. Thought this might fix it.


Because in the Sample Editor the Audio Event’s signal is shown.

So call it sample editor waveform interpolation.


Please, add the feature-request tag.