The first full (words and music) co-composition with my son Taylor.
Written this 14th April here in my tiny kitchen, Montelpuciano and Cohibas
at hand. And yes, he was playing a kalimba! :smiley:

The song was Taylor’s initiative, and he asked me to join in. We never got around to
recording any of it together. I hope I have done it justice.


Great mix as always. I’m listening to it on my crappy laptop speakers and everything is crystal clear in spite of this.

Who wrote the lyrics? They are deep.

Just as a “what would I have done” comment, I would like to have heard a snare come in on the second verse (“And on the train we’re…”) and chorus. This song has such a great build-up that it would have added the drive that I’m dying to hear.

And, but wait! I hear the side sticks in the guitar solo section. Maybe I’m just being impatient, which (in my opinion) is a sign of a good song. Tension and release! Nice slide work in the solo by the way.

You mastered this to tape, it says. I couldn’t remember if it was you or Ian that has the reel-to-reel. I’m assuming that it’s you - am I correct?

Very nice song! [Clapping]

Hi Larry,

thanks for having a listen.

I’m glad the mix sounds good over your laptop, a sign that not all is off. :wink:
It has taken several days to get to this point. I’ve said before that were I
attempting to run a commercial studio I wouldn’t make a dollar against the clock.
Kudos to those who do.

As to a snare coming in before it does, I guess I just couldn’t hear it that way.
Mileage varies, etc. :wink:

Glad too you liked the lap steel solo, it was, oh, at least, the 20th attempt. :blush:
Session guy I will never be. :unamused:

The lyrics were truly a 50/50 thing. The verse feel was Taylor’s, the chorus was more mine.


Sorry, I forgot to say that yes, this was transferred to an Otari MX-5050 B-III.

It rocks.

A moody and evocative song…excellent lyrics, would’ve preferred a bigger change in the middle bit so it stood up more but that’s just me…great work and a nice mix , Kevin

Not meaning to hijack the thread, but would you be willing to help educate me on something? I have read (and don’t disbelieve) that “transfer to tape and back” adds a lot of warmth to the overall sound. Would you be willing to transfer a 44.1/24 WAV (30 seconds) to tape and back so that I can A/B compare the two?

I’m the type of person who, although I can intellectually understand that the process adds something desirable, needs to hear it so that I can internalize the differences. In the long run it would help me understand if it’s really worth the money to pay for a service like this in the future.

Like it! Cool lyrics as always :sunglasses:

Agree, BUT… I’m hearing mono :question:

Excellent, great sounding, and great arranging. I wouldn’t be able to offer suggestions on the mix for this one. The basic chord structure brings me back to one of your earlier ones… You Can See The Stars I think it’s called (from “here in the gutter”… you know which one I mean, one of my all time favorites of yours).

Thanks for the comments Kevin. Glad you liked the mix.

Thanks Ian, yes…one of the dumb things about my version of
Cubase is it retains the export settings of the previous
project, which was a solo line, hence mono. :angry:
I’ve now uploaded the stereo master. :wink:

Thanks a lot for the listen and review. Many weeks of work in this one.I hope you like the corrected file even more! :wink:

email sent, but I’ll repeat one word that I said.
Not a word I should really use at my age, but what the hell…Awesome!! :smiley:

Fantastic farther & son collab!
Tis a great picture Popo took of you both (black n white, good choice! :wink: hehe)


Hey Sav,

thanks man.

Yes, B&W…there are some things from which the public needs to be protected! :laughing:

Ahhh… now THAT’s better! :smiley:

By the way… hats seem to momentarily disappear in a couple of spots… e.g. 2:07-ish and personally I wouldn’t mind the vocal up a dB or so. Otherwise…

Nice! :sunglasses:

Hi Ian,

yeah, I know that little section with the hats. I play all my drums real time,
so sometimes my “velocities” vary. :laughing: I decided to leave it, just as a token
of the fact that it was the human touch there.

I tried vocals up, vocals down, and settled on where it is. Down the road,
I’ll see how I feel about it, but it’s all too close at the mo.


Hi Jet,

Wow! What a treat!
I’ve been away for a while - I was hospitalized with complex appendicitis - and this is my first visit to the forum after coming home.
Nothing better than a dose of Pearldivers to get back on my feet! :slight_smile:

Anyway, It’s another fine song, great to hear you wrote this together with Taylor.
Great lyrics and wonderful slide playing.
No nits, the production sounds flawless, as usual.

Well done, you both! More please! :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing.


Hi Wim,

so sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you are well and truly on the mend now.
One of my elder brothers had a burst appendix a few years ago, very nasty.

Thanks for your comments. I am quite proud of the project and went the extra yards
to try to make it as good as possible, for obvious reasons.

Taylor is an accomplished lyricist in his own right, taking a free-form and
rather poetic approach to words. The song is loosely based on his own experiences, one
of which I witnessed as it unfolded here at the time. :wink:

The lap steel lead is my first use of the 1952 National through my new Ethos pedal, a delightful combo. :wink:

Cheers, and I hope you are lots better already!


P.S. Forgot to say my sister Maree is looking forward to that other project. :wink:

HEY!! Good song. I really like the vocalist. Good job if it is you. I like the rasp. Always gotta love the rasp in the vocal~!

right before the transition into ~1:40 it has an AMAZING build up for a transition and then it stops. Also, just like it does at ~2:35. At one of those points I was expecting epic feeling drums and guitar. Just my taste but it wasn’t on the track. Still that’s just me, but this is awesome.

As a drummer it, maybe my drum advice will worthy of listening to LOL. I felt like the hi hat in the start was a bit too straight. Need dynamics, like loud note soft note ostinato. Also at like 4:00 or little later it seems like the drummer(or vsti–can’t tell anymore lol) plays a mix of straight and swing. Not sure if that was purposed. Not my taste to throw in swing, but to each his own.

Either way sounded great. Good stuff!

Hello -D,

thanks for your review. Yes, my vocals, and it’s been a while since anyone
actually said they liked my singing. I’ll buy you a drink. :wink:

I’m limited in what I can do with hats as my library doesn’t
allow for extensive expression in that area. I do the best with what I got. :wink:

Taking my cue from the song topic, (“Intersections/Cross directions”)
I tried to get a variety of riddums happening ). I think I got
close, but others (esp. drum guys) could well disagree.

As to the rises in tension at the points you mention, (hey, I’m a poet and
don’t knowit) they were carefully plotted (I think?). It was all meant
to culminate in the final choruses, but, again, maybe I didn’t make it.
Still, I tried real hard! :wink:


Nice, Jet!

I really like the gradual and almost unnoticeable way the dynamics build from start to finish. A powerful burst in the middle of the song like I was initially expecting would take away from the overall effect of the song as a whole, I think. A very well sculpted piece.

Oh, and I really need to buy a lap steel :slight_smile: .