Interval popover creating incorrect notes

The interval popover occasionally gets confused. In this example I hilited the A natural.

Interval Popover 1

In the interval (Shift I) popover I entered -3. Dorico gave me another A natural instead of the expected F

Interval Popover 2

And if it matters, the key signature for this passage is Db major.

I can’t duplicate this behavior from the screenshot. I think you’d need to post the project if possible.

I can’t post the project in a public forum, but I’ll try to create an exerpt that reproduces the problem.

Okay I was able to strip down the project into something small that reproduces the error. The pictures I posted correspond to the last bar in this project.Interval Error.dorico (427.5 KB)

Though, just FYI, I may have been mistaken when I said the key signature was Db major, though if I change the key signature to Db major I get something equally weird, an A triple flat.

After a very cursory test with the project as you attached it, and then after changing the initial key signature to Db major, I’m not seeing what you described - I’m getting a third below. Were you definitely entering “-3” (without the quotation marks) into the Shift-I popover? Were you using Dorico in another language or with a different language keyboard? Or did you select the D above by mistake and enter “-4” into the popover?

None of the above. I’ve done this over and over and always get the duplicate A

Did the project originate in Dorico? What happens if you import it into a fresh project?

The project was definitely started in Dorico, though I’ve been working on it for over a year, so likely I’ve been through a Dorico upgrade or two.

If I create an empty project and use “import flow” to import that file, the problem goes away.


I’m getting the same error as Neil in the piano vocal score (which is actually a part layout). If I switch to the full score layout (or just look at the status bar) I can see that the enharmonics that Dorico’s storing under the hood are a car crash.

Ah, thank you. I should have mentioned that I do all my work in the Piano/Vocal layout.

Ah yes, odd - the first time I opened it, it must have gone to the full score layout itself as I didn’t switch it. In the piano/vocal part, yes I see the same issue now too.

If you select the A and move it down/up a pitch, Shift-I -3 then produces a sensible result - good shout Leo on looking at the enharmonics.

So it is creating an “F”, but for some reason it’s displaying it as an “A” in the piano/vocal part.

Why would moving the note up and down again fix the problem (though it apparently does), since both before and after the up/down move it still registers as an A4 in the status bar.

I’ve not looked into the project in detail, but changing the pitch of the note will modify its pitch and spelling properties, putting them back towards something less distant for the current key.