Into The Void-Pt1-Lost at Sea-Into The Void Pt2-Tae Kainga

This aint no pop song. It’s a HUGE listen… grab some popcorn and enjoy the journey if you dare…

I listened to it…it’s long and up to your usual high production values but I feel it is let down by not having any particular theme (tunewise) just seems to meander around a bit…lots of good parts in it though !!

Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield had better watch their backs…Kevin

Cool work! Can you share what application you are using for buy it now or is that just a bandcamp exclusive app? I have been trying to get a better word press app for that on my websites. I like the name your price functions you are using

Wonderful collection of ideas. Truly enjoyed it. Sounds very British to me. Beatles, Oldfield, etc. I don’t think you’ve posted instrumentals very often, and I definitely got into it. This is why I keep coming back here! Great production. Agree with Kevin about finding a theme to run through, but honestly, I’ve never written anything longer than four and a half minutes, so…

Thanks for your thoughts gents. :sunglasses: I get that it may seem like there’s no common theme… on first listen… it is long and there’s a lot to take in I guess… but there are in fact several recurring themes throughout. A couple of examples, the opening theme is repeated at 11:33, and the what you hear at 5:17 reappears (in part) at 13:54.

To make it more manageable I built this in three separate parts initially so there is in fact three stand-alone instrumentals, they were then chopped up, sorted and rearranged into this single piece in a separate project. Maybe that fragmentation has made the themes less obvious?

Yes… they’re all built-in features provided by Bandcamp.


Well for your average simple minded listener (such as me :laughing: ) the theme bits are too far apart, by the time I get to the repeated theme bit I’ve forgotten the first bit :confused: :laughing:

best to you mate…Kevin

excellent stuff,mix is brilliant ,unlike some of the others have been saying i dont think anything needs a theme if its interesting enough ,it does remain dark through out so that’s a theme ,i gave the popcorn a miss but i think i got through a few of pieces of sugar free gum. good listen, thanks.