Introducing A New Track Type: Comment/Note/Task Track


It would be nice to have a new track type, let’s call it, ‘comment/note/task track’. Usage/features:

  1. a person/team member and at different times in music can make notes/comments about automations, arrangements suggestions, etc.
  2. when we are working on the large project ( just like programming a computer app), we know what needs to be done and what are the issues.
  3. have at least two colors for the events: red for issues, say blue for traks to be undertaken
  4. we can remove the comment event when the tasks are done or issues resolved. Just like Google Doc or MS Word. I assume the comment event at the start of song will contain a good workflow suggestion based on music genre and instrumentation and task ( recording, arrangement, mixing , mastering, etc.)
  5. We can share and create consistent workflow having ‘comment/note/task track’ track loaded as templates/presets.



This is a good idea but really is just the marker track especially now it’s been upgraded. You can have multiple marker tracks with different colours and individual markers can have different colours.

Thanks Martin for the the comment.

They have different functionality and are different concepts. The comment track does not show necessarily the text and is color coded and one can have a long text associated with each comment event. plus one can create issue tickets and close them etc. similar to GitHub repos

For time being I am going to use your suggetions.
Thank you,

Additionally, It is worth to mention that, when you are working with multiple marker tracks, only one track is active. The comment track can be used in conjunction with the markers having both visible and active.

I’ve been using Marker Tracks for this since they let us have multiple Marker Tracks. Prior to that I used MIDI Tracks that aren’t connected to anything, using empty MIDI Part’s names as comments. Works great for me. I’d never want to have any of the comment/marker tracks be active - 'cause I’m not using them as markers. Easy to color code and the text can be fairly long - I’ve never wanted more text than I can name a Marker, but if I did I suppose I’d just have the comment tell me to look at something in a Notepad.

Attached is an example from a recent Project. It was used to keep track of where to continue editing things the next day. The same Project had another Marker Track that was used to note where a bunch of minor lyric errors occurred.

A Track dedicated to comments would be nice, but frankly using Marker Tracks gives me 95% of what I need. A much bigger boost to my commenting efficiency would result from being able to post images in Notepad.

Everything in your list except for ‘issue tickets’ is already in cubase. Issue tickets?!

Man I got one of those last week for doing 127 BPM in a 60 BPM zone.

If you were a programmer, you’d know this!
here you go: Creating issue tickets · wp-e-commerce/WP-e-Commerce Wiki · GitHub

Just like what Martin said. That you for reclarifications.

Which Martin?

Haha he means me though I’m Michael :grin:

Martin.Jirsak! Sorry forgot to mention it.

Martin has not participated in this thread.

Marker tracks is something I must learn to do,part of my learning process,as a relative Greenhorn
Having comments in marker tracks is great to keep the mind focused when you return to a piece of work,heh,heh
Must also make use of the notepad too ,lol

Notepad**S** - there’s one for the Project and one for each Track.

Will the fun ever end…

Wait there’s more…

uh, no there isn’t

Thank you Raino!!Well spotted!!
I didn’t know there was 2 notepads either :blush: , :laughing: ( relative newcomer to Cubase ) :slight_smile:

You don’t have to be a newcomer. For the past couple years I have been using Meldas notepad because I completely forgot Cubase had this. Also, I can’t find any mention of the project notepad in the pdf manual? Every reference is for the track notepad.

:bulb: I never thought of this. Thank you! Multiple marker tracks was recently added, but I never connected the concept of inserting a marker and using it only for brief notes.

However, now I have added this Add Marker key command to Metagrid, another KC discrepancy reveals there is no “remove marker” KC. :unamused: One step forward, 3/4ths step back…

Isn’t one of the cool things about Cubase the fact that you can create your own custom commands? If you use Metagrid, you are already doing some extreme customization.

A missing command is not a backward step– The delete command exists, and you can also program one specific to markers, or certain markers in the PLE- and those commands will function precisely as those included in the native KC list.

It’s a drag to see experienced users speak as if the developers are responsible for every perceived lack in the sequencer, especially those with an avenue through which they can more effectively communicate the same thing. It’s like the widespread internet syndrome that manifests in a congenital need to complain- which I get. But can’t we at least keep it real? It’s not like there is a dearth of actual things to complain about. :unamused: & :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Steve +1

With the Markers box open, and markers already created on a track, I want to delete a particular marker. So using the up/down arrow key in the markers box I select the marker I want to delete, then Functions>remove marker. Then you should be able to open KC’s and it should show the last KC executed, however that behavior isn’t consistent. In this case it does not show “remove marker” because the KC doesn’t exist. I think the entire KC system needs updating, including missing KC’s especially considering the focus issues.

And IMO a missing “remove marker” KC is a step backwards, if for no other reason…consistency.

I thought the way this has worked in the past is make sure the Markers box is highlighted, then with up/down arrows, select whatever marker, and delete. But this doesn’t work, at least not any longer.

I tried deleting markers with the project page focused, select the marker track, then right arrow to whatever marker, and delete, but that didn’t work either. However upon re-starting Cubase, selecting track then right arrow to whatever marker and delete works. I guess something wasn’t working with my keyboard, because the project page was focused.

As a moderator, you are not very helpful when you rant about experienced users, yet didn’t actually provide a specific answer. “Remove Marker” does not exist as a KC, and considering it’s in the marker box functions drop-down box, to be consistent I think it should be included.

If there is a PLE marker preset that achieves the same or similar functions please feel free to share them.