introducing a new voice intelligently

please have a look at the attached example:

In bar 15 I am introducing a new downstem voice. In the previous bar I would like the whole bars rest to appear. So far I do not really understand Doricos intelligence behind the procedure. If I input rests into the downstem voice in bar 14 they are visible (as single quarternote-rests for example). If I select and delete them, they will be completely gone. Going to the property panel and trying Start Voice in that previous bar does not work. If I could understood the logic behind this I could go on with my work…

A little help will be quite appreciated :slight_smile:
introducing a new voice.png

Prime the caret for the new voice with Shift+V in bar 14, then click the ‘Insert Bar Rest’ button in the Bars and Barlines panel to insert a bar rest.

Thank you Daniel! I had never thought of using the right Panel. Problem solved :slight_smile:
Actually I hardly have used the panel to the right yet…
Bar Rest.png