Introducing myself and HaLion 6 Slot Rack question

Hello guys, greetings from Brazil, hope you’re doing fine.

My name is Edu Camargo and I am a blind musician based in São Paulo, southeast of Brazil. Some time ago I’ve bought HaLion 6 to use in my musical productions, and I got really impressed with the arsenal of sounds it offers already, without any aditional content. Thanks to Windows 10’s OCR feature and the NVDA screen reader, I’m able to navigate most parts of HaLion 6 and HaLion Sonic interfaces, since they do not present information using standard accessibility methods offered by the system, being this part restricted only to context menus. Yes, we can navigate to certain areas of these softwares using tab, arrow keys and stuff, but when we want to access specific parts, then I use the OCR to scan the screen, read the presented text and I can also interact with them. When I get to the list of presets, I click once to give focus to the list, exit OCR and use up and down arrows and enter to preview sounds. AS needed, I save these presets via the plug-in window on the DAW (I use REAPER as my DAW).

For days I’ve been using HaLion Sonic in REAPER when I wanted to use Steinberg sounds because it has become easier for me to access the slots and use as a multi-timbral. But HaLion 6 gives me access to HaLion 4 sounds that I find really amazing as well. The problem is, I can’t figure out something that seems very simple, that is: how to load multiple sounds within HaLion 6? The operation manual specifies that by default, HaLion 6 shows only slots that contains sounds, and if I want to show the empty slots, I should click on “show empty slots” on the slot rack controls, which I can’t access for the moment, maybe because I don’t know how… But I believe that loading multiple sounds in HaLion 6 does not require extra steps, probably I’m missing something; so here I am looking for a HaLion expert’s help.

Thanks in advance for your support, and sorry for the long post.


Edu Camargo.

Greetings and welcome!

I am not a Halion expert, but I do use it.

If you access the Program pane, located by default at the bottom right corner of the Halion plugin interface, there is a vertical list, of named, Program 2, Program 3, Program 4, etc. If you double click on one that is not yet populated, a new slot will appear in the Slot Rack on the left. Then you can add a preset to the slot.

There are certainly other ways to approach it, but this seemed the most expedient to me. let me know if it suffices or not, and I would be happy to help find more ways to access what you need in the interface.


Steve, thanks a lot and sorry for the delay. Guess I’ve missed subscribing to this thread.

The mentioned tab seems to be the program table, right?

I was unable to access it via the mentioned location, but was able to access it via a list of tabs like “zone”, mod", "sound, etc. At the bottom of the screen I see a list of characters, that when I left-click, it opens a windows named “edit character”. Is there a way to hide this?

I’ll be away from my city for two days, but when I get back I’ll try your suggestion.

It is worth mentioning that I’m using the latest version of HaLion 6, that allows me to use the Iconica library, which, by the way, is amazing.

Thanks again for your support.


Edu Camargo.