Introducing myself ...

On some forums, you introduce yourself as a new member. I’m not sure if you do that on the Steinberg forum, but I chose to do so.

Hi. I’m a new member on the forum, but not new to Steinberg. Been using Steinberg’s stuff since day one, in the early 80s. First program was on Atari, called Steinberg 8 I think (prior to Steinberg 16). Today, I work with music production for others as my only income. In between there, I went to classic music studies and completed a university program, gaining 2 univ degrees. I lived off of freelancing on several instruments in the 90s. A hard life, and the electronics out-competed live instruments in the studio, so I had to go with it, go with the flow to survive financially.

3 years ago, while on Cubase 5.5, I realized I had been on Steinberg’s stuff for almost 30 years. I felt I might’ve become hidebound, I felt unhappy with some aspects of Cubase, and I suspected other competing DAWs had caught up in terms of stability and maturity. So I left Cubase, in search of a perhaps even better platform.
During the making of 6 full length records with artists, I was using Presonus Studio One, Sonar, Reaper and Samplitude - one at a time.
Here I speak in terms of make music using 75% software instruments and samples - anything from lounge jazz to filmscores. Not so much for those who records huge sessions live in large studios. For ‘us’, it’s the MIDI that counts and that’s where Cubase is - and always has been - far superior to any competing DAW.

To make a long story short: I just got back on to Cubase :slight_smile: Wiser and more thankful this time, for what Cubase has to offer. Other DAWs do have strong points. Reaper, for example, offers a stability and build-homogeneity that surpasses even Protools HD (and Cubase). But put all factors together and Cubase just can’t be beat today. The time that rock hard stability might save you, for one, doesn’t even close to the amount of time you save through Cubase’s much more direct and expedient workflow and tools. Something as small as a superbly responsive grid in the key editor increases your workflow, mental freedom and speed twice over - easily. Also you don’t need to think so much in Cubase, leaving so much energy for being emotional and creative.

That said, I’m looking upon Cubase with new (and fresh) eyes now, and I do have alot of things noted down that really ought to be improved/changed. And that list will grow. I’m a stickler when it comes to detail, workflow and functionality. :smiling_imp: It just needs little, to get much better. Are there any places on this forum where a wishlist would be appropriate?

As a new member, I’m curious about what the general line of subjects on the forum is? Is it rather strictly Steinberg products and support (since this is hosted on Or do people discuss and share audio general engineering- and songwriting tips and ideas here as well?

Hope (and intend) to make this a pleasurable and constructive membership on the forum.
Thx for your time, good luck with what you do, and see you out there!


Welcome to the Cubase Music Lounge! :slight_smile:

Welcome, Seraglio.

I, too, have been a Cubase user since the 90s and have taken the pilgrimage to Studio One, Sonar, Reaper and back.

I look forward to hearing more of your observations.


Welcome. Best advice is to read the lounge and the Cubase sections for a little, you’ll see how it goes… the forum used be like the wild wild west, these days its really civilized… which is okay to a point :laughing: The Lounge is more in line with the variety you indicated would appeal… so here you are! :sunglasses:

hi welcome…

to post new ideas/wish list - there is a section called “feature request”
“steinberg lounge” section for lounging and chewing the fat (sharing ideas, jokes, putting world DAW to right etc)
their is a section called “made with steinberg” where you can share music.

then there is the “general” section for …general stuff?


Songwriting is hardly ever mentioned on this forum…so I’d stick with the tech stuff if I were you… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Welcome seraglio:)

Dare i say that your lovely intro reminded me of a wonderful place i used to know called audioparadize?..:stuck_out_tongue:

Nyway, njoy your stay… Hope u get more cubase time than forum time:p

Welcome old timer.

The forums was more fun in the old days…but so mote it be !

It’s still usefull though

Thanks for the greetings :slight_smile:

I’d love to share impressions and experiences.
In short, 1 hour after installing Cubase, and playing a simple arrangement, I was re-acquainted with an old familiar friend :wink: :

(I’m running 8.0.20 though).
Since then, this ‘friend’ (and its unwanted cousins) has been crashing Cubase on average 10-15 times a day and causing all kinds of mischief (I work 5-6 hours a day effective time). I thought things would’ve become better, but it seems not - in this department anyway. Neither Samplitude nor Reaper has crashed on this same exact system. Worst they ever did was the occasional slight hickup once a month. Plus the errorlogs for those were precisely detailed.

So, it’s Cubase alright. I may have to re-evaluate my statements above. :cry: Cubase 8 is more CPU efficient than before though, more latency stable too.

Welcome Seraglio!