Introducing SIMPLE!

Not ready for release just yet but I just want to introduce everyone to my synth. It’s called SIMPLE! Let me know if you guys have why trouble playing the video. Please feel free to leave any feedback on the video or the synth.

Hi Chris,

Very cool! Great job! How did you get along with creating your own custom controls? What is your plan for the release?

Please post a picture of the GUI or the video in here for the members who are not on facebook.

Cheers from Hamburg,

Creating custom controls was mostly straight forward and easy to do once I understood how Halion worked (this is my first time doing anything like this on my own). The biggest headache was dealing with Halion’s bitmap limitation. I think it’s too small but more importantly It’s not documented so I had no idea I was hitting it the entire time. It’s easy to hit it particularly when you’re creating large bitmaps for multi-frame elements. As far as releasing it goes. I don’t have a final date yet. I’m at novice coder at best so something’s take me much longer than others. I’ll have to get a domain and website up so I can sell it. You guys should consider creating a user content store and a “powered by Halion” system similar to native instrument and kontakt.

Here’s a YouTube link for those who couldn’t watch the first link.

let us know when you have some more samples for review! thanks!


Really cool!