Introducing Steinberg Licensing, and what it means for Dorico

@dspreadbury I regularly use Dorico, Nuendo and Wavelab in our workflow. A question with perhaps an obvious answer - will I be able to license these individually on different computers? For example I rarely if never use Nuendo on my laptop, but I need to use it on two desktops. Like this, I have three computers that I’d like to license in this way

Windows 10 Desktop

  • Dorico
  • Nuendo
  • Wavelab

Windows 10 laptop

  • Dorico

Mac Pro Desktop

  • Nuendo
  • Wavelab

Will this be possible?

Short, simple answer: yes.


I am of course planning to upgrade (price withstanding) but just wondering what happens to those that stay on Dorico 3.5? Will it be ported across to the new licensing system?

Hi, why can’t you just allow one user to activate the software on one machine and still allow the e license to be used also on another, Propellerhead Reason does this and it works just fine, so the elicense can be used on your studio pc or mac and then activate your laptop via the internets new license system, keeping the elicense dongle system also is a more sensible option, surely. That way we all didn,t just spend money on dongles to just chuck them away and our loyalty with Steinberg will be rewarded with more flexibilty, not shackled to an internet connections to use the software we have bought.

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My recollection of one of the several announcement documents is that “no” older products will not be re-engineered to use the new licensing system but will continue to operate under the existing (eLicenser) system for the foreseeable future.

No, the current (or indeed former) versions of products will not in general be transitioned across to the new system. Certainly for Dorico, Dorico 3.5 and earlier will continue to use eLicenser, so if continuing to run Dorico 3.5 or earlier is important to you, I would recommend moving your license to a USB-eLicenser, as in the long run that will be more reliable than the Soft-eLicenser.

Maintaining the eLicenser system indefinitely into the future isn’t feasible, and it is long past due retiring it.

If you are concerned about needing to be connected to the internet to use your software, firstly, you don’t: once you are activated, you can be offline for 30 days and the software will be perfectly fine with that. Secondly, if connecting to the internet once every 30 days feels unreasonable, you will be able to use offline activation to activate your software for a period of 1 year, which you can renew for a further period of 1 year each time it expires.

We are doing our best to protect both your and our investment in our software. We value each and every one of our customers and are doing our best to provide a licensing solution that balances protection with flexibility and convenience. Please reserve your judgement until you have had occasion to try it out for yourself.


Looks like an ideal solution. A desktop and a laptop computer enabled (and a fair-priced tablet license). No need for a plastic key. Very well done!



I’m fine with the delay - it is what it is and it’ll be with us soon enough. Purchase valid for free upgrades if bought after August 25th? That sounds like a late January / early February release to me. (as usual, bet I’m wrong)

Less fine with the e-Licenser replacement being tested first with Dorico. I was rather rather hoping that by the time it got round round to Dorico all the teething troubles will have been sorted. Still, fingers crossed it works right out of the box.

Great to hear that we’ll be back on regular updates next year.

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You know when you meet a Cubase user, and he/she looks at you as if you were a curious lab experiment?


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Thanks. I did see in the FAQ that this would be possible but it would mean switching the activation very often. We’ve also got Elements and SE installations so I’ll have to work out what will be best. Things will certainly be easier for me though.

I have 3 licenses, one for myself and 2 for my assistants, who change from project to project. So far, it’s been really straightforward with the current system. I can even ship a USB key to a co-worker living in a different country, and get it back the same way after a project is completed. How will the new system work in this case?

@NoisyTunes, please read back earlier in this thread for the posts by @DanMcL to which I have already replied. We are planning institutional/enterprise licenses that will allow you to assign licenses to people in your organisation, with the organisational admin able to determine where the licenses are and to whom they are assigned flexibly and freely. Many of the details are yet to be worked out, but internally we have been thinking of organisations requiring five or perhaps 10 licenses at a minimum, but it may be that we get sufficient feedback from our customers telling us that as few as three licenses might be a more realistic minimum.

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Hi Daniel, I have a question about moving the license to another pc. what happens if a mainboard stops working for example? unfortunately it happened to me both with PC and with a macbook pro. can I still move the license from the “dead” computer to a new PC?

Italyuser, that is a great question. Had this happen in 2019.

@Italyuser read the following notice.


Managing your licenses

You can check the status of your licenses using the new Steinberg Activation Manager software, which will be automatically installed when you install software that uses Steinberg Licensing. Steinberg Activation Manager lists your licensed products and allows you to activate them on your computer, or release a license if you want to activate on another computer.

If you are unable to run Steinberg Activation Manager on your computer, because for example you are working from a new location, you can sign in to the Steinberg web site using your Steinberg ID and release a license from there.

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the nasty thing about the dongle is … remember the dongle when you leave !!! every time I leave for a concert I stop after a few kilometers to check that I have not forgotten it … however, it is important to know that the software you have purchased has not been lost. I love the ability to run doric and cubase (and in my case also halion and groove agent plus various stenberg libraries) on multiple machines without having to remember the dongle, however there are cases where the hardware can stop working and in that case it won’t I wish a license would die in it.

Thank you for your answer! So it would be enough to connect the new computer to move the license from the old one, without the old one being connected … did I get it right?

That’s right. If need be, it will be possible to mark a dead or otherwise unreachable computer as deactivated, so that you can recover the activation and use it on another computer. You can be sure that our support team will be there to help you with this, and will be happy to assist.


Thank you very much Daniel!