Introduction and Mixing Question

Hi guys I’m new here and getting used to the layout so forgive any newb questions. I’ve been playing music for years, but just started to want to record and produce my own music. I currently play a fender strat into a Boss me-80 that goes to a Steinburg UR 12 interface that is connected to my laptop via USB 2.0. My problem is that when I record anything it always seems like all the sounds just muddle together and there is no real distinction. It sounds very raw and unpolished despite playing the things as best I can and very cleanly. This goes for clean tones as well as distorted. Changing the volume of the individual tracks doesn’t seem to help. I’ve also tried turning up and down the volume from my guitar and the me-80 as well as the interface and a combination of those and nothing seems to help. I’m getting a very scratchy, raw, unfiltered sound.

So my question is: Is this a problem of mixing? How do I fix it?

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You are going to have to provide a few more details. Like… Do the individual tracks sound clear? What, if any, VSTs are you using? Are they activated? How are the VST connections set up? Anything of more detail will assist us to assist you.

If the individual tracks sound OK , then it is most likely that you have some VST (like a reverb or compressor) assigned and activated on the main stereo out channel… or… I don’t have the UR12 AI but, it is possible that some internal effects are activated in the UR (other interfaces have this, not sure about the UR though). These might be heard when playing back too.

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