OK, I’m fast as a pit but, re-listening to Roxy Music’s Manifesto (one of the first records I bought) (after (unusually) hearing it in a pub), I’m expired to throast this ped.

After a four year hiatus they kept us waiting another full two and a half minutes to hear Mr Ferret’s voice.

Feel free to post other examples.
Only one rule. Must be at least one minute (preferably considerably more) before the vocal starts (contravention of which results in lifetime ban from forum. Moderator’s disapproval statwithnonding).

Faith Healer - Sensational Alex Harvey Band :sunglasses:

Should that not read, IntroDucktions… :laughing:

I’m not as think as you drunk I am!

Bugger. Why didn’t I think of that? Quaaack.

ruddy likes. :exclamation:
We’re tied at exactly 2:30 but I claim the lead by dint of higher percentage of intro (45% vs 34%).
(Sorry, I forgot to mention rule two).

I’m a bit sobererer now. :blush:
Just shows you should never post and drive.

Such synchronicity as this cannot go unmentioned.
As I hit submit I heard the thud of a CD package dropping on my doormat. It’s the first two Monochrome Set LPs packaged in one disc called Tomorrow Will Be Too Long (with no mention of the original titles. :unamused: )
(The CD I copied from vinyl was lent to a floozy whom I never saw again. :imp: )

Anyway, Track 1, ‘The Monochrome Set (I Presume)’. 2:22/5:14 = 45%.
And with CD fidelity I notice after all these years that the last track, “In Love, Cancer?”, rescues itself from instrumentalism by speaking the title right at the end. 3:19/3:23 = 98%
Is that cheating?

Just as we begin to make some real progress, we resort to name calling. :stuck_out_tongue:
Some of my best friends are floozies - and come to think of it, I was a bit of a floozy myself
at one time. :mrgreen:

Shine On You Crazy Diamond. First lyrics sung at 5:10.

My favourite band, Iona (from the UK) do a lot of this sort of thing

Songs of ascent Part 1 - 4.10/7.58
Matthew The Man - 4.04/11.56

But I have to admit “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” is my all time favourite extended introDucktion.

How about “Funeral for a Friend” on Yellow Brick Road… its really an intro for “Love lies bleeding”. Elton’s band really cooked on that album. Don’t know the timing, no access to the disc right now!

I’m not a big fan, but that in my opinion is probably the best instrumental attributed to him.