Invalid or Unsupported File Problem!!!

Dear Fellow Users (of Cubase, not Class A Drugs!!!)

I have a problem.

I downloaded a song I bought from Beatport and modified it’s details to play and store in iTunes. I altered the name of the album and removed the pointless “comments” in the “details” section of the mp3 file.

The weird thing is, it would import into Cubase as a downloaded file perfectly, but would not when I altered any of the details of it.

My question is this: I do this for every song I download as I have a lot of songs in my collection and I store them the way I like them. Some import fine into Cubase, others do not.

Why is this? They’re all mp3 files, I can’t see why Cubase distinguishes between them when all I’ve done is alter their details and like I said - some I do this too still import and others won’t!

Help me please!