Invalid project (autosafe) file after crash!%$*+#

Does this appear also to other users?
Auto safe is unusable since I cant open the back up file.
Is there a way to still recover the file?

Are you manually renaming the files to cpr?

What exactly happens when you try to open one?

When I try to open the project, itsays “corrupted file…cannot open”
Would there be a chance to open it after renaming?
(I am on Cubase 6.03)

I had that happen to me last week. I was unable to recover the file. I’m not sure where that is coming from either… I never had an issue with backup file before.

I have had that problem once or twice and I think it might have been related to accidentally pasting automation data onto track types that can’t receive them. It was confirmed as a bug but I have no idea if it has been fixed and there are probably many more ways to corrupt a project.
Maybe the crash could have been caused by and during the auto-save itself, in that case there is probably no rescue. Have you compared the file sizes of the corrupted file and the second newest .bak or your last saved .cpr? If the corrupt file is considerably smaller in size then this would be likely.



what are your computer specs, and how big is the project ?



I am on an Intel Core 2 quad Q9550 with 8 gb of ram
This is at the moment a midi only project using Vienna Ensemble pro, were only Vsl samples are played with Vienna Instruments pro (Total ram used for Samples/players: 3,3 gb)
I ve got one version of my project with a size of 1,25mb and 25 bak files in my folder, the last one is 1,43mb.
If I could load the last version of my work, it would save me of redoing 5 hours of work.
I guess,I learned the hard way that ctrl.+S is your friend.

You mean all 25 backups give you the same message about corruption?

Have you tried removing plug-ins temporarily or trashing prefs? It’s a long shot but at least it doesn’t take 5 hours.


I dont know what exactly is a “bak” file.
They reside in my project folder.
When I use “open” from file menu in cubase,I can see only the cpr files. One is the “old” version and one is the
invalid project file that I wouldlike to open but cannot.
How do I trash preferences with cubase?


The .bak files are backup files created by the auto save feature in cubase, you can open these files through the normal open dialog in cubase, just set it to show .bak (or all) files. You can also rename a .bak file to .cpr or add cubase as a file association and open it directly from your file manager (don’t know if you’re on windows or os x)

There’s a good chance one of your .bak files are openable (hopefully the latest), sort them by “date modified” to find out witch one.


That was a spot on information!
I succeded in reopening the last bak file by renaming it.
Thanks a lot!
(I was just wondering if this knowledge is documented anywere.)

Well, took me 5 seconds to find after opening cubase :slight_smile:

Open the operation manual, do a search for “backup”, hit the page number (54) and all info is there.