"Invalid Project File" in Nuendo 7

I’m really worried as I have quite few project going on and this new problem appears in Nuendo 7 making my saved work unusable.
I’m opening a last saved Nuendo 7 project, working on it for a while, closing it.
When trying to open it again “Invalid Project File” announcement jumps and this one is not usable.
I’m finding the last .bak file - it opens…
Today I tried something new.
I an .bak file that worked, did nothing, and saved as new project.
After few minutes tried to open this new one - same thing, “Invalid Project File”.
Are you aware of this or this is only my problem ?

Windows 7 - Waves V9r1

Please help !

I have seen nothing like that. May be a drive issue.

Hi AlexClaude,

this should never happen!

Please send me one (or some) of those corrupt project files to info@steinberg.de (to my attention) to take a look at them.

All the best

Thanks Luis I really appreciate your involvement. The file has been sent.

Hi Alex,

I was able to open your project here without issues, so I assume there must be something on your system causing this. I’ve sent you an e-mail with some troubleshooting tips, and hopefully you will be up and running again shortly.

Please let me know if you still can’t open your projects.


Same problem here but intermittent.

Check your “Power Saving” plan, ie disk drive is not sleeping or so.

Hi Alex, could you be so kind to post the troubleshooting tips here? I’m having some similar problems…
thank you!