Invalid Project File - Win11 23H2 64Bit- Cubase Artist 11.0.41 Build 448

I have Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate Collectors Edition installed in total with a USB-C drive for it’s library and a copy of Novation Bass-Station VST3. - some Waves plug-ins and a usb drive connected to a hub occupying a usb port. RME Babyface Pro FS for the audio interface.

Intel(R) Core™ i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz processor 64GB RAM - 512GB SSD.

I worked on a project for 3 days mixed and mastered. Then, i saved and backed up the project and neither of the two will open both giving me the message Invalid Project File.

I ran "Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool to see if my memory was corrupt according to a thread similar to this with success.

I’m puzzled. I know there is a fix for my corrupt project i just don’t know how to troubleshoot it. I don’t exactly understand that thread where they renamed their vst2 folder but yeah, i’m running vst3 obviously. Please help!

Hi there, I had the same problem a few years ago.

There was no explanation for it, and no remedy.

At least for me. For unknown reasons, Cubase can invalidate your project which is in effect, gone.

I never managed to open these files. I relied on backups and for one file, I had to start from scratch. In my view, this is utterly unacceptable!!!

I now religiously do a ‘Save as New’ save and I suggest, if you are not already doing this, to follow the same method.

I can’t think of anything that might work, but try opening a blank file, and then importing tracks from project. You never know…

Is there a possibility i can open the project with the current version of cubase/nuendo? It would save me the hassle not downloading either trials knowing beforehand ya know?

Commiserations.:frowning: As @somecomposer says, it’s gone.
One of my most used features in any software is the incremental save - I can’t remember what it’s called in Cubase - whereby a number is tacked onto the end of the filename and incremented. For me it’s Alt+Ctrl+S, every half-hour or so. I end up with maybe a hundred project files, but when the thing’s finished I delete all but the first and last half dozen.

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Yeah see, that’s what i don’t get.

Theres this…

Saying if its a 2gb project. Which its not though it is a 64bit 192 project.
Is cubase that unreliable? This is the first time this has happened. Since version 7 to be honest. And i cant believe there’s no quick fix because of all of the work. ftw dang steiny might have lost a customer and nuendo is on sale heh

That’s still the default key command for it.

If you working 3 days on the same file, you should have more backups than one.

Luckily i exported a wav saved on my external but at the time i backed up the project i deleted the wav off my pc funnily enough both of projects are invalid.
Nuendo for the price of cubase pro not on sale.

64bit 192 vs 64bit 768 wav. hrm

Yeah, multiple projects got invalidated for me. I have no idea how I avoided a coronary to be honest. I was in the middle of a paid project, with contracts in place , etc. Absolute nightmare.

As a fellow user stated, Alt+Ctrl+S (Save as New) is the only way.

I save the version I am working on, naming it. Hence, I know what is what, in terms of version, then ‘Save as New’ regularly.

I personally create an ‘Old’ folder and by the end of the day, I put the “older” files in the old folder, leaving me with the latest, current file I’m working on.

In effect, I have the files saved as new so that if my latest file is invalidated, I can fall back to the one just saved earlier.

Again, extremely sorry to hear this. It’s an incredibly awful bug and it’s beyond belief that it has not being fixed…

For audio… alt drag and drop has been eh and it’s neither key

When that happened to me, it was the hard drive dying.

Replacing the hard drive solved it. YMMV.