"Invalid Project File "xxxxxxxxxx.cpr"! "

Trying to open a project created earlier, but I get this error "Invalid Project File “projectname.cpr”! " :open_mouth:

edit: I used “xxxxxxxxx” and “projectname” instead of actual project name to protect my self…

any suggestion? how to open the project


Did you have auto save on? In that case there may be a ‘projectname.bak’ file (or ten, more likely). Take the newest one, rename it to .cpr, and you should be able run it.

no didnt have auto save on,
I disabled autosave becuase it was making the cursor “busy” (didn’t let me click every 10minutes or so whenever it was autosaving)

I have this problem with some projects that I copied over from another PC (which I don’t have anymore). The Cubase installation is exactly the same (6.0.7) including plugins, and apart from the hardware the only thing that’s changed is the OS (from Server 2008 R2 to just 7).

Creating an empty project first and then loading the “corrupted” project doesn’t work. Mind you, all projects worked fine on the other PC and I never had this error before. I’d be happy if I could at least extract the MIDI tracks, but I don’t think that’s possible?

I wish at least cubase could load whatever is readable so not everything would be lost…