Invalid project file

Hello everyone
I have a problem with some project files here.After a Cryptolocker attack I got all my cubase projects locked.I managed to recover (with the help of recuva) some of them.I’m 100% sure they are not encrypted because all the encrypted files have the same date 11/11/2016.The recovered projects have an earlier date so they’re not encrypted.I just noticed that the encrypted files (11/11/206) are bigger the the other ones,but not with much.Unfortunately my Cubase 6.0.7 doesn’t open those files stating “Invalid project file”.I get the same message when I try to open an encrypted file.
Is there a way of repairing these files in order to open them again?Maybe some people in the steinberg programming departement could halp me with this.
Thanks a lot

If no one on the forum can assist I would submit a support ticket to Steinberg. That process should be available in your MySteinberg account.

Regards :sunglasses: