Invalid serial number on Avid Artist Mix???

I just got an Artist Mix controller. After the setup, I went to the Steinberg download/reactivation section and followed the instructions. The Avid folks say to enter your hardware serial number and you will get a registration email so you can download the proper software for Nuendo.

I’m getting an error when I type in my serial number for the Artist Mix that says “Serial number invalid” or something like that. No matter what I do I can’t get it to recognize the number. I’ve tried zeros and “O’s” reversed - still no dice. I tried putting a zero first. Not sure what to do.

This extra step seems really ridiculous to me. Anyhow, I got this nice bunch of faders sitting in front of my DAW and I can’t do anything with 'em.


Please contact Hamburg support.


How do I contact Hamburg Support? After looking on the site, I’m not seeing a lot of options to contact anyone really, except via a form. Which I’m happy to submit one of…



Hi jb,

I had the same issue on my MC Mix. I had a demo unit for a couple of days and this serial number was fine. Tried to put in my serial number from the new device and same problem, not recognised. I gave up and I cannot get the demo serial number out of their system. The demo serial number is the only way I can use my new device. Interesting that the demo unit had the Euphonix badge and the new unit has the Avid badge. Sorry, probably not much help!
I’d be interested to see how you get on.

Not sure I understand - you’re asking me to call to Germany and pay for support for this? I have a year of college German, so from what I can gather - the phone support is a 900 number and there are fees per minute - is that right?

I submitted a support ticket. I hope maybe that will work. I did try to call the Germany phone number, but no combination of 011 49 0900 … would get me connected.

Please don’t take offense - I understand this is probably not the highest priority product to support - but so far the UX here is very disappointing. I expected to be up and running by now.

Update for those who are even remotely interested:

I have heard back from Avid, who says I need to contact Steinberg support. I have also heard back from Steinberg who says I need to contact Avid support. :slight_smile:

I have replied to both of them now with all the details, hoping they can somehow figure out what to do.

However, I would strongly advise anyone who is expecting to be up and running on an Avid Artist Mix using Nuendo to hold off until they get this sorted out.

personally i think it’s pretty odd that there has to be any sort of license to use the avid mix stuff. when we got our unit i tried it out with login and it worked fine. only nuendo required a license.


AFAIK, that is because these units communicate through the exclusive Steinberg=>Euphonix Eucon protocol.
That protocol was developed by Steinbergn and is the same as in the bigger Euphonix units, for which the clients need to pay a substantional amount of money. So the license needs to be there to prevent that the Artist Series Eucon drivers can be used forn the big systems. Unless I am not correctly informed …


Eucon only costs for Nuendo users. All other eucon compatible DAWS have it for free. How stupid is that? Is SB really that poor that they have to charge for it?

Bye / Tumppi

Meanwhile, I just tried to call Germany, and my phone won’t let me make that call. Must be a 900 paid number or something.

So am I completely stuck? This seems like a very simple thing to fix to me…

Not sure to what you are referring and with what you are comparing.
Artist series Eucon is free from Steinberg too.
When it comes to bigger controllers, it all depends on how “deep” the integration within the DAW is.
When Steinberg developed the Eucon protocol for the bigger Euphonix Series, there was no DAW out there that could be “accessed” to the level you can access Nuendo. It’s the difference between a Mackie HUI protocol, and havingaccess to all parameters within Nuendo. I don’t know to what extend this has changed since AVID aquired Euphonix, but at that time, the integration was unique and unsurpassed.


Fredo -

Is there any chance that you might be able to help me get in touch with someone who can unblock me? I have two big projects I’m supposed to start mixing on and I was really hoping to have some faders to hold onto…



EUCON-enabled applications:
Avid Pro Tools 9
Apogee Maestro for Duet, Ensemble, and Symphony 64
Apple Logic
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Soundtrack Pro
Cakewalk SONAR
Digital Audio Denmark AX24 Converter System
Magix Sequoia
Merging Pyramix
Metric Halo MIO Console
MOTU Digital Performer
Steinberg Nuendo

Eucon costs only for Nuendo owners.
Sorry for being off topic…

Bye / Tumppi


The Eucon Adapter at the DAW side, is the total responsability for the DAW builder.
It takes 5 seconds to build a Eucon Adaptor that emulates HUI, like the former version of ProTools communicated with the controller. I have lost track of development, but when Steinberg released their Eucon driver, it was the most advanced communication “protocol” that existed. No surface/controller could control the DAW so “deep” as with the Nuendo Eucon Adapter. The adapter used for the artist series can only do a fraction of what you can control with the full scale adapter. Therefore it’s free. I know that Protools has catched up since then (obviously, since then now own the Eudon protocol), but I suspect that all others are still at the “level” of the Artist Eucon Adapter.


That is not what I heard from Avid representatives when they arrived to teach us about the new System 5 mc in the studio where I work as a free lancer…

But it is partly true. Even PT9 don’t go as deep as Nuendo does for now, but that will change totally when PT10 is released… Many will be surprised by then.

I still think as Eucon is out there for free it should be free also for Nuendo users. No matter what the history is.

Anyway. I’m out… Too much OT :wink:

Bye / Tumppi

Please keep us posted with your progress on resolving the serial number issue with Steinberg (or Avid).

I in fact thought the Eucon license for the System 5 MC and the MC was free now.
The last studio I installed it, didn’t pay for it at least.

Am I wrong?


Please keep us posted with your progress on resolving the serial number issue with Steinberg (or Avid).

I still have not heard a peep from Steinberg support other than telling me I need to contact Avid. I talked to Avid one more time and they said they have had problems with Steinberg’s registration process. They said they would do what they could to contact Steinberg and try to find out what’s happening - but they said it’s really up to Steinberg to solve the problem.

So I wait.

I suspect that the number on your Artist series has been used before by someone else, which would result in a failure if you try to get another Eucon license with the same number.
In that case, it’s neither Avid’s or Steinbergs “mistake”.
But I am speculating here …