Invalid timesignatures removed

I’ve just done an arrangement for string quartet. It’s in 4/4, with a bar of 2/4 at certain points.

When I click on Score Editor, Cubase says “Invalid timesignatures removed.”
When it does this, it changes only Bar 31 (which is a 2/4 bar) to 2/8, which kind of screws with the uniformity of the arrangement.

I can get around this by changing the subsequent bar to get back to 4/4 at the right point, but it seems very unnecessary when all the other time sig switches aren’t affected by the Editor.

Has anyone encountered this?


Sorry, Mac.
Running Elements 7.

I have seen that dialog, but I have not seen it happen specifically when Score edit opens. Do the time sigs add up properly now?

Since your question is general and contains such limited specific info that’s all I can really say.

(This question is certainly not platform specific but it’s always helpful to others to add your system info to your forum sig. )

Just hit the same problem. Have 2 bars of 2/4 in the project 3 bars apart from each other, needed to change both to 4/4, tempo track shows both changed to 4/4 but upon entering Score editor received message “Invalid timesignatures removed” and both bars revert to 2/4. If I make the change from 2/4 to 4/4 and then save the project without going into the Score editor and then restart Cubase and open the project the two bars remain as 4/4 but upon entering the Score editor same message and the bars revert to 2/4. I can work in the key editor without any issues after changing the bars problem only arises in the Score editor.