Invasion In Summer

Important Note: This piece is a soundtrack for a possible movie scene about a calm tropical day turned into a not very calm invasion nightmare .Be prepared for the sudden change in atmosphere.
All feedback will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Great, it does carry the spirit you wanted to convey very well! I hope we’ll hear more of your work; plus, I like how it’s not too “charged” culturally and could pass for an alien, Soviet or Roman invasion.

I appreciate the input , thanks mate! :slight_smile:
I wanted to use tropical percussion used in for example Hawaiian music in the first part of the music but couldn’t find a nice one so I used the classical studio drums…
I’m glad you liked it anyways.

Hi Masoomi, it delivers the effect you were after very successfully. Nicely done.

Hello Early21
Thanks, I appreciate the time and attention :slight_smile:

I did like it, thanks! The Hawaiian sounds would have been more “specific”: it would have been better for a specific “story” where the Hawaiian notes would have been justified, but this version with classic drums is more versatile.