Invert automation Q. (possibly cubase 6)

Does anyone know if the functionality exists in Cubase 6 to invert track automations (I haven’t upgraded yet, so I can’t post in the cubase 6 forum)?

Presently I edit a two track setup (one stereo mic & one mono mic), & switch between the two mics in post. My aim is to try to keep editing time to a minimum. The quickest way in Cubase seems to be to apply compression/limiting as an effect track & then to use volume automation to cross fade between tracks.

On the other hand, if I cut and pasted the two tracks into one, then I could use the usual cross fade function, but then I would need first to apply the compression/limiting to each track & for me this would waste editing time unnecessarily.

Does anyone know the easiest way to invert track automations in Cubase 6?

Alternatively, I believe it’s possible to invert the automations by applying them first to a MIDI track & going through a few steps which I think involves using the list editor to invert it. If so, does anyone know how hard it is to write a macro to automate something like that (it’s an editing function I do every week, so the time to write it would be worth it).


Read your post three times and still don’t get what you’re trying to do. Also, you say what you don’t have, but not what you do. Look into the Project Logical Editor if your version has it.

Thanks for your answer. I’m with Cubase 4 LE, so I don’t think it has a logical editor.

What would be the simplest way to invert track automations (volume automation)? Or maybe there’s an easier way to achieve the same thing I’m trying to do?

OK, here’s a bit more detail…

All I’m looking for is the fastest way to do the edit:

I have track one, which is a mono mic recorded into the left channel of a stereo track… and track two, which is a stereo mic on a stereo track. Over the timeline, I need to cross fade from track one to track two and back four times.

Before mixdown, I also need to apply compression/limiting (different compression levels for both tracks).

So… I’m guessing that the fastest edit would look something like this:

  1. do an audio flip to copy the left channel of track one onto the right channel
  2. apply compression/limiting separately to track one and track two (from saved presets)
  3. apply volume automations to cross fade between track one and track two and back four times
  4. mixdown

If there’s a faster way to do the edit, I’m open ears… But presently step 3 is a real PITA because the volume automations for track two are meant to be a mirror of those of track one. It would be much easier just to copy the automations & invert them (hence my question).

Any suggestions?

I have the same question. Is there a way to flip a series of automation points, so all positive decibel points become their opposite negative value and all negative decibel points become their opposite positive value? Just flip them on the horizontal plane?

I read about a method that involves pasting to a MIDI automation lane and then using the logical editor, but unfortunately Artist 6 does not have logical editor.

The way I’m doing it now is to go to each point and edit it in the info. line but it’s pretty time consuming.

Any suggestions, tips would be greatly appreciated.