invert eq

Can we get the flip (invert) gain button of the EQ on the eq window like it was before? I use this a lot and don’t like having to right click to get a menu. It shouldn’t have been taken away in the first place.



Anyone else miss having this feature?


here is a bump for you … and a question

rickard, when you say invert Gain, do you mean Phase ??? since i am new to N6 I dod not know what is missing …



It is not a phase button. It would flip the gain value of a given eq band. If it was positive it would make it negative and vice versa. The function is still there by right clicking to get to the menu (invert eq band) but it used to have its own button on each eq band. It is still on the studio eq plugin. It is really valuable when hunting down resonances or funny sounding harmonics etc.


got it … yes, nice feature. now i am bummed that i know it is missing … :unamused:

I would miss this, though I always do this with my CC121.