Invert midi cc and track automation data?

Is it possible to invert selected midi cc data in the key editor, or track automation data? For example, if on one track I have automated panning to go from center to far left, and I would like to copy/paste this data and invert it to make it so another track goes from center to far right. Thats just a simple example, as much more complicated stuff can be done when automating synths. I often want one midi cc shape to happen with one parameter, and the exact opposite to happen with another parameter or track, and instead of having to create the automation twice (which is never exactly the inverse as I’m performing it with midi cc knobs) it would be much faster to copy/paste and then invert it, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do this in Cubase.

Is this possible? Thanks.

Midi only, afaik.

Logical Editor Mirror function, with 64 as param 1