Invert vertical order of items?

I have a tempo marking, and a “section title” (it’s a set of variations).
The text for the section titles is system text.
However, I’d like the text object to always appear above any tempo markings.
It’s an orchestral score, so this type of text object appears often, and obviously above every part’s staff.
So I’d LIKE to avoid having to go in and “engrave mode” myself into an early grave. (hence the name “en-grave”?)

Is there some place where I can specify this type of vertical order?


I’d like this text to only appear at the TOP of the pages in the score, not at both top staff and 1st violins, like other system items like tempo markings. is it possible to have two sets of rules for system-placed items?

Can sections be put into flows so that custom-formatted flow titles/headers could be used?

no. because this is non-stop music, with ties and slurs and held notes through from one variation to the next, it is impossible to break it into separate flows.

also, the variations titles might appear halfway through a page of music. The variations don’t necessarily line up with the first measure of a page.

Indeed, notes held between flows would either rule out this approach or make it overly burdensome. Eliminating the break between flows or forcing only some flows to start a new page (and use a different, centered flow header) would be far less a problem.

the piece I’m working on also has another movement with headings for sections, and again, it is absolutely impossible to break it into flows.