"inverted" colour scheme GUI - light text/characters on dark background gives me anxiety

For some reason, my brain - does - not - like - this. Bright/White text on dark background gives me anxiety - like my eyes don’t know where to look, it makes the GUI feel convoluted. I start to lose focus, and feel like I need to go take a walk and breathe.

This is usually only the case if the GUI/amount of text on screen is very busy, ie, I don’t mind the darker GUI in new Cubase except for in windows like the Export Window which has a lot of cluttered text.

Please allow us to “invert” the colour scheme or have a “light skin”

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I’m in the same situation. The black-on-black UI, and the overly crowded space in Halion, makes me feel bad, and prevent using the nice sounds I have in there.

A light option for the UI would for sure help in ‘feeling better’, and increase readability.