inverting symbols

I’m trying to create a symbol with an upside down triangle. Is there any way of inverting symbols like the triangle of the chord diagrams in the editor?

No, you cannot at present rotate symbols in the symbol editors, so you will need to find a down-pointing triangle. There are some defined in Unicode, e.g. here and here.

Thanks Daniel! I intend to use the triangles as cue markings like in the example attached - where an upward triangle tells a player to cue and a downward triangle tells players to take a cue. And the letter in the triangle indicates who the player has to cue or be cued by.

I hope that one day, triangle frames will be possible in Dorico so that I don’t have to create 2 symbols for each player in the ensemble. But this works for now.


Yes, I understand the request. I’m sure we can provide different shaped enclosures at some point in the future.