Invisible clef

Hi Community,

i have a percussion staff with a perc. clef and want to set the clef to invisible for the whole piece.
As soon as i do that with the popover and write “invisible”, the clef is gone but the key signature now gets visible.

Is there a way to have NO clef and NO key signature together?

In Engrave mode and in the bottom pannel (Ctrl -8):inside Time Signatures, you can tell: Hide time signature

Jörg, how about adding an independent key signature to the percussion staff? Invoke the key signature popover (Shift+K) at the start of the percussion staff, type open or atonal then hit Alt+Enter. If there are further key changes throughout the flow, you’d need to add more independent key signatures at each of those.

Dup, I think you misread…

What does „Alt+Enter“ do in this case?

It applies the key signature to only one stave (e.g. percussion only, not the rest of the ensemble).

This is brilliant!