Invisible Elements

I wouldn’t ever say there is no interest in modern notational practices from this board. Just maybe a need to clarify (with the links being an easy option) what you wanted and what you meant by “modern” - given the different ways that the term has been used re: music. Head scratching != threatened.

Giving Ms. Gould’s book as an example followed by the statement “I’m not really very particular about notation generally…” is a little confusing though. I think she might hit you with her own book for that. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the kind of help the members above took their time to give you, given that (supposing you were right and the dev team agreed with you) no complex software changes instantly and we all need to get work done today. (Surprisingly, my most amazing ideas are not universally revered and instantly acted upon by everyone as genius. I await ridiculously opulent remuneration.)

Well said.

Hi gd,

Not sure what your comment adds to this.
I appreciated many of the comments - some less so.

I’m well aware that software doesn’t change overnight.
Like I said, have been using notation software since the original Finale in 1988… Dorico is the best so far… and I’m used to doing workarounds.

Have a nice day,