Invisible eLicenser fonts problem!


All fonts are invisible when i start the ‘eLicenser Control Center’. I can see only the buttons.
I installed and uninstalled the latest program of eLicenser 10 times :imp:
I working in Windows 8.1

Could you please help me about this problem? You can see the problem in Attachments.

Thank you.

Haha, sorry for having a laugh at your expense but that’s quite funny :wink:.
Never seen that before!

This is not really the right subforum for this question, I doubt it gets much traffic here. Try the product forum of whichever Steinberg software you own, or submit a support ticket with Steinberg. Good chance they’ve had this question before.

I’ll format my computer, that’s the only solution of this problem i think, thank you anyway :slight_smile:

That sounds a bit rigorous, but I agree it would probably do the trick :wink:.