Invisible explode feature?

Would it cause any headaches to optionally make the explode feature a phantom effect?

In other words, highlight the staffs to explode to, activate the explode feature, but you only hear the highlighted staffs, but no physical change to the score yet. Then when you deactivate, the effect disappears for the highlighted areas, or you can make it permanent.

So, for instance you can test out different explode options/ different instruments etc., with no actual changes.

Yes, it would be quite difficult to achieve. Is undo not an appropriate tool to allow you to try things out and then back out of them?

Yeah, I didn’t know if it would be a problem and thought I would ask at least to see.

Speaking of undo, when you do multiple undo’s the program seems to throw you all around the page. I think it must be the way the focus feature works. Sometimes I’m not even sure how many times I’ve gone back and what I’ve undone. I figure it out, but it’s not the clearest method.