Invisible hairpins between immediate dynamics

I have noticed that I still had this problem on the last eighth note of a bar that had sf<
Dorico would only display the sf below the note.
I will try to send you a file when I come back from holidays, the project was started and finished in 4.2 and this problem annoyed me enough that I remember it :sweat_smile:

I recently experienced this problem too, and even setting the minimum length of the hairpins to 0 does not draw all hairpins (see the attached Horn 2 part). I see that having a signpost for hidden dynamics would be difficult to implement, but it would be very helpful in situations like these.

Toccata.dorico (1.7 MB)

Yes, that’s a case that Dorico should probably be able to handle better, ultimately. It won’t work out that it needs to add more space when it shifts the dynamic back to the left of the barline, so it doesn’t “know” that the hairpin won’t have enough space to appear. As you’ve probably found, you can add more space using the note spacing tool in Engrave mode, but it would be ideal if you didn’t have to, of course.