Invisible instrumentalist


My layout has two instrumentalists but they are only displayed in ‘Scroll View’. One of them disappears in ‘Page View’ and displays ‘Tacet’ in his individual layout, even though he is supposed to be playing. Note that the instrumentalist in question is also invisible in the log and was added later in a project containing many blocks.

Thanks in advance for reading

We really need to see the document.

Cat Stevens - Moonshadow.dorico (1,9 Mo)

Aha. You’ve got a Filter on the Music Frame (in the Page Template for “Premiere”), specifying which Players will appear.

Here’s a revised file:

Cat Stevens - Moonshadow.dorico (2.3 MB)


Wao. Thanks a lot! I would never have found the solution on my own.

It took me a while! Presumably you accidentally removed the Lead from the filter lis somehow. Maybe when moving the frame.