Invisible Midi Notes Reoccurs

It seems the Invisible Midi Note syndrome has suddenly appeared for no reason.
This morning I highlighted track two of my project to edit some of the events (photo 1).
Photo 2 shows all notes are invisible except for the velocities in the lower section. Numerous unsuccessful attempts were made to recover the invisible notes.
Closing and re-launching Cubasis 3 successfully reinstated the invisible notes (photo 3).
I cannot reproduce this note disappearing event and I must stress this happened before I updated to v3.6.5 this morning, I therefore cannot share a video clip of these occurrences. There is no accidental empty midi layer covering my midi notes, if this was the case the velocity events would be invisible too.
Sorry I can’t provide any other means to reproduce these events.




I also noticed the same behaviour: some lower notes disappeared, but still got played.
I also got them back by restarting the app.
I also by coincidence got that couple of days before the new release.

Hi @fixitmania53, Hi @kairos_register_stei

Thanks for your report, which has been shared with the team.


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Hi @fixitmania53, Hi @kairos_register_stei ,

Unfortunately we are unaware about the issue ourselves.
Please provide us with a repro or a clip that shows all steps leading to the problem.